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 Speed, balance, agility and power are key aspects when it comes to skating with and without the puck.


We train our athletes to always be in a position of strength and power allowing them to take a hit or bump while still being in control of the puck at high speeds.


The game of hockey has changed over the years and is now faster than ever before. The ability to skate well and to deliver power to the ice has become essential. 

Combining speed, power and agility with superior puck skills will make you a sought after player and will open many doors.


     While on the ice we work on various skills such as                   

  • Shooting / Quick Release / Shooting in stride / Accuracy                           

  • Passing / Stick handling / Hand Eye Coordination                                     

  • Skating / Explosive speed & power / Edge control                                     

  • Scoring Techniques / Puck Protection / Hitting & receiving Hits                      

  • Systems / Breakouts / Offence & Defense / Body and Stick positioning