In the synthetic ice training center we work on various skills such as 

  • Shooting / Breakdown of shot / Mechanics of shooting            

  • Shooting while in stride / Quick release / Accuracy                 

  • Passing / Stick handling / Hand Eye Coordination                   

  • Hand and Foot positioning / Scoring / Puck Protection             

  • We provide on the spot video feedback and breakdown           


Synthetic ice is a great alternative to real ice. Although training on ice is preferred, synthetic ice is a great way to supplement your training and keep more money in your pocket.


It gives you the benefit of training like you're on real ice but with added resistance, where in turn helps your skills with strength and stamina.


All this allowing for more repetition on shooting, stick handling and passing at a much lower cost.

Training on synthetic ice has become popular with those looking to improve skills with an experienced instructor who has a professional hockey background in a one on one environment.


We now provide video analysis and feedback right on the spot. Showing you where your shot went wrong, what your doing well and areas for improvement right there on the spot in the training facility.