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Spring & Summer

Hockey Program

Why the Outlaws you ask?

Here at Maxx Force Hockey we are throwing out the old hockey development cookie cutter rule book most development companies are offering and doing things a little different.


We are bringing you a new approach to the new modern age of the hockey world.


Introducing professional coaches from different backgrounds to deliver techniques to help prepare your child for the tough roads that lie ahead in the hockey world, tackling mental health, bullying, nutrition, proper breathing techniques, yoga, strength, conditioning and of course on ice hockey development with Mark Soares and the Maxx Force Hockey crew.

All the hockey information you need to be the best possible individual you can be to maximize your potential not only as an athlete but as a person out in the real world.

The things you learn through hockey are not just for hockey, these lesson can be applied to your everyday routine. 

It is time to become the person and hockey player you want to be.



Spring & Summer Program

Although winning is fun, this is not what the program is about.

First and foremost we are here to develop the individual as a person and an athlete. With understanding, a sound mind, focus, patience and practice comes progress. Winning and personal success is a by product of all these elements combined.

How much does it cost??

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